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Radix Reload Overview

Radix Reload is a revolutionary software that transforms computers into 'time machines', enabling IT professionals as well as inexperienced users to instantly switch system configurations, undo errors and failures and prevent business downtime.

With Reload installed, 'traveling into the past and back' between different system configurations, is a matter of a few mouse clicks and a few seconds!

PC failure PC reboot Instant recovery Back to work!

Why do you need it?

Even reliable computers are subject to failures and down time arising from errors and accidents. It is Murphy's law! Failures always occur at the most critical moments, or while technical support is unavailable!

Ask yourself:

Main Features

Instant recovery
Reload turns any computer into a 'self-repairing machine', enabling instant recovery with a single command. With Radix Reload installed, users restore their failed computers and undo all unwanted changes in 30 seconds.
Instant configuration change
Reload saves endless hours of software reinstallations and system reconfigurations, by enabling instant switching back and forth between configuration snapshots for multiple computers - with a single remote command.
Data security
Reload adds effective security layers, locks computers and prevents unauthorized access to data. A strong authentication system and optional data encryption algorithm guarantees that no one can access the protected data even if your laptop falls into the wrong hands.
Rescue CD (Image backup)
Reload enables fast and easy image backup to external devices, network drive, and bootable rescue CD. In the event of HDD hardware failure, user can reload the image onto the new HDD and quickly restore his computer system.
Remote control
An authorized IT engineer can execute remote commands for Reload software installed in remote computers, and via a remote command can perform vast maintenance tasks for multiple computers simultaneously, without disturbing the users or the active jobs.

Main benefits:

Reload instantly repairs:

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